A fast and reliable transition
to S/4HANA

The clock is ticking for organizations to migrate to S/4 HANA. Automate your SAP change management to accelerate your S/4HANA transformation and significantly reduce costs, effort and interruptions to your daily operations.

Automate and fast-track
your journey to S/4 HANA

Whatever transition path you choose, shifting to S/4HANA is a massive project that can have a considerable impact on your day-to-day operations. The challenge is running your business as usual while transitioning to and building your S/4HANA environment.

Rev-Trac can help you accelerate your S/4HANA migration confidently while avoiding unplanned interruptions of your legacy ERP systems and new SAP platform. The automation solution uses SAP’s built-in RFC’s for communication, so it supports on-premise, business Cloud and hybrid environments.

How Rev-Trac helps

Automatic Synchronisation

Successfully manage the synchronization of changes between ECC and S/4 systems to prevent conflict and interruptions to business. Automatically clone relevant requirements from your legacy landscape to be considered for application to the S/4 environment, keeping both in sync without unscheduled systems downtime.

Simplified Build

Identify all requirements for your S/4HANA system and create a Rev-Trac request for each one. Track and automate transport migrations which contain the changes that deliver individual requirements, accelerating the build of the new system. Each request is transparent and known, so you can easily track the history and reason for every object modification.

Lasting Benefits

Transform SAP application delivery after go-live with automated change management software that supports agile and DevOps methodologies while minimizing operational costs. Easily integrate automated ALM and DevOps tools for a single unified approach that removes organizational silos and enables continuous delivery of SAP change.

Eliminate manual effort and synchronize changes to migrate safely to S/4 HANA

successful office worker computer

You can’t shut up shop just because you are transitioning to capitalize on the opportunities S/4HANA offers. Significant SAP projects, new features and enhancements, break-fix changes and business-related updates all need to be managed while S/4HANA systems are created.

With Rev-Trac you can effortlessly keep existing SAP ECC and new systems updated and in sync while building your S/4HANA environment.

Rev-Trac is an automation solution that eliminates error-prone manual tasks and helps you safely transition to S/4HANA. It provides the control and governance required to transport properly tested SAP changes to production while the new system is created. At the same time, Rev-Trac ensures that changes deployed in your legacy environment are identified and considered for application to the S/4HANA system.

After S/4HANA is fully up and running, our automated change management solution eliminates risky manual effort, minimizes cost and accelerates delivery of SAP applications and enhancements. Whether shifting to S/4HANA or making SAP changes post-go-live, Rev-Trac supports agile and DevOps for rapid application delivery without interrupting your business.

Key features for a smooth S/4 HANA migration

Creation of an “intelligent worklist” of SAP changes across legacy systems which can be evaluated for reapplication to the parallel S/4HANA development track. Rev-Trac automatically clones all requests of SAP changes and updates migrated to the production system and these can be applied to S/4HANA where relevant.  Manual and Automated deployment between legacy and S/4HANA applications is supported with Rev-Trac.

Where code compatibility exists between the legacy systems and the S/4HANA environment, Rev-Trac’s extended object locking system helps manage and align changes across parallel environments. Reduce the risk of unintentional parallel development and prevent conflicts and sequencing issues that can put your projects and systems at risk.

Rev-Trac Migrate changes quickly and reliably avoiding unnecessary delays, risk and inefficiencies in the development/test environment. Trac automatically migrates changes to pre-defined destinations after approval from the relevant users. Receive a message if the auto migration fails, streamlining the process to make the required corrections for success.