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A complete platform
for SAP DevOps automation

Integrate automated tools for a single unified approach to SAP change management and accelerate application delivery

One platform to
integrate all ALM tools

In a digital world, all organizations have to respond quickly and effectively to the demands of the business and the market. That means more software, more frequently without risk to production and ultimately to your business.

More and more today, organizations are adopting a DevOps approach to accelerate application delivery, reduce development costs and foster innovation. Yet, many SAP IT teams have not transformed their application development to speed up their delivery cycles.

Businesses traditionally use a wide variety of tools and processes in silos – such as ITSM and impact analysis solution – across an SAP application’s lifecycle. Too often, the result is time lags, data handling errors and costly, unscheduled downtime.

To meet business demands faster and more effectively organizations need to break down silos and integrate ALM tools into a chain, enabling continuous delivery of SAP change.

More and more Rev-Trac customers consider workflow automation a cornerstone to Agile initiatives. 62% of Rev-Trac customers surveyed are achieving their Agile/DevOps initiative through use of Rev-Trac's workflow automation

Orchestrate the journey
to SAP DevOps

An SAP DevOps toolchain is not a chain unless all tools and processes are connected in some manner to deliver faster, better and safer applications.

Rev-Trac Platinum provides the orchestration and the link, creating a powerful, automated end-to-end process to accelerate SAP change across the lifecycle of an application.

The Rev-Trac SAP DevOps automation platform integrates with popular ALM tools such as Jira, ServiceNow, and Tricentis Tosca to support a continuous delivery process and massively reduce costs.

Our Advantage

Transform SAP application delivery with bi-directional integration that makes automating data exchanges between ALM tools a reality.

  1. Breakdown traditional silos
    Siloed development processes are broken down and replaced with a single, unified method to achieve DevOps and continuous delivery in SAP systems.
  2. Better synchronization and visibility
    Traditional siloed development often resulted in the duplication of change related information. While the lack of visibility into workflows between tools threatened systems stability. Integration enables systems to be kept in sync and provides the transparency to address change issues before they become a problem.
  3. Eliminate human error
    The future is uncertain for organizations who rely largely on manual SAP change management processes. Manual SAP change control is inefficient, unreliable and error-prone. A fully integrated, automated platform supports a DevOps strategy, at the same time eliminating manual tasks which put your systems at risk.
  4. Reduce operational costs
    The use of disparate tools and processes across the lifecycle of an SAP application make it difficult to manage costs and resources. Countless man-hours are wasted on spreadsheets, double-handling change-related data and logging into multiple systems. With our SAP DevOps automation platform, you can massively reduce time and effort to deliver and maintain applications, enabling a quick and cost-effective response to business needs.

Jira logo

Many businesses around the world rely on Jira to plan, track and release software. That’s why we built a new integration with Jira, so SAP using organizations can work how they want.

The integration gives Jira teams the capability to plan and control the build and delivery of SAP changes. It eliminates the error-prone manual tasks and duplication of records between Jira and Rev-Trac, allowing you to make the most of your infrastructure investment.

How does it work?

IT teams have real-time visibility and control over SAP changes as they advance from backlog to active sprints. Jira tasks are automatically updated as SAP transports progress from Development through QA to Production, reflecting what is actually happening within SAP systems.

The flexible integration offers unlimited options enabling mapping and synchronization of any values in either application. See the integration in action.

Once you enable the integration change requests can be initiated in either Rev-Trac or Jira, keeping both Jira and SAP changes in sync. See the integration in action

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