A manual for continuous delivery and DevOps in SAP

What does DevOps and continuous delivery look like in an SAP environment? Is it even possible? Read this whitepaper to discover how Rev-Trac Platinum supports a business’s DevOps plans.

SAP DevOps and continuous delivery are seen as the answer for organizations that need to deliver SAP change faster than ever before. Yet, on the flip side, businesses question if SAP DevOps is even possible.

The problem is twofold. Businesses struggle to understand what SAP DevOps means or looks like in an SAP environment. While becoming more agile can be a headache for managers and SAP IT teams.

Yet, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Automation is critical for DevOps success. A fully automated, unified platform integrating ALM tools enables rapid, high-quality SAP change for significantly lower costs.

That means an SAP change automation and orchestration engine is a vital part of any DevOps strategy and allows users to create seamless workflows for faster, safer, and better applications.

Download the whitepaper for insight into how Rev-Trac Platinum – an automated SAP change management platform – can support a unified DevOps toolchain and the continuous delivery of frequent and reliable change.

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