Revelation Software Concepts introduces language packs and enhanced user capabilities in Rev-Trac 8.2 Platinum

New easy-to-use features help organizations to focus on global markets and seamlessly connect all users, saving time and money.

Revelation Software Concepts (RSC) today launched numerous enhancements and capabilities to Rev-Trac Platinum, its flagship automated SAP change management platform.

Version 8.2 introduces self-service language packs to streamline the multiple languages within an international organization. The new functionality allows businesses to customize the automated solution and deploy Rev-Trac in localized languages.

Chris Drake, Director of Product and Services for Rev-Trac, said there were increasing calls from organizations with an international presence to roll out software solutions across all operations and adapt the tools to wherever offices were located.

Numerous US companies, for example, focused on international markets for growth and were putting more effort and resources into supporting multiple languages.

Rev-Trac speaks your language

With the self-service language packs, companies translate Rev-Trac into any SAP supported log-on language and upload it to support the multi-lingual needs of their global employees.

Mr. Drake said: “Users based in the US can be working in English, while colleagues in Brazil can interact with Rev-Trac in Portuguese. The benefits to multi-national companies of deploying Rev-Trac in many languages is increased efficiencies, reduced costs, and the capability to reach new markets quickly.

“Language localization allows for a better understanding of product functionalities and enables SAP IT teams to take full advantage of the automated SAP change management platform for a competitive edge. While for businesses, it ensures consistent and transparent SAP change processes across the organization and opens the door to new international operations,” he said.

What else is new in 8.2?

The capability for companies to customize Rev-Trac to support local language requirements for international businesses is just one of the new changes to Rev-Trac Platinum 8.2.

Other highlights in the latest release include:

  • Out-of-the-box integration with ABAP Test Cockpit and Code Inspector: Rev-Trac will automatically perform checks on the release of transports if ABAP test Cockpit or Code Inspector have been configured.
  • New REST APIs and Webhooks: An extended set of APIs and Webhooks allow for more generic integration capabilities between the platform and compatible applications. The result is an end-to-end platform that accelerates SAP change across an application lifecycle.
  • Expected Return Codes: It is now possible to set an expected return code for a transport and receive automatic approval for the post-migration status, even if it’s technically a failure. This enables SAP IT teams with a massive number of transports every day to manage a failure that they know is going to be a failure.

For some years now, Rev-Trac has integrated with ALM tools like ServiceNow, Tricentis Tosca, and, more recently, Jira. The updated REST APIs and Webhooks take this integration to another level, establishing a single, fully automated chain for cost- effective continuous delivery of change.

“When we looked at new capabilities and functionality for Rev-Trac Platinum, we listened to what our customers wanted, and we aligned development with the future direction of the SAP industry,” Mr. Drake said.

“With the new release, we have included changes to enhance the user experience and lay the foundation for far more responsive SAP application development in a fast-paced and competitive digital business world.”

Rev-Trac 8.2 Platinum is available now. For more information, visit, or request a call with one of our Rev-Trac experts.