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How to monitor unauthorized SAP system change

We recently modernized Rev-Trac Insights to help SAP IT teams manage transports better. The new suite of apps, in combination with existing ones, let you see inside your SAP systems to prevent disruptions to business and achieve project success.

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ROI: 4 Metrics that Matter

The way organizations implement software is unique. But all have one thing in common – to establish confidence in the ROI the business expects. Read this eBook to reveal the data that matters most.

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Rev-Trac Insights: Propagation

The volume of SAP changes released for BAU fixes and special projects can make it difficult to know where transports have been migrated. This video demonstrates how to discover where your transports are in real-time.

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Rev-Trac Insights: Comparison

Misalignment between QAS and Production systems can happen due to various rates of testing with transports located in different test phases. Watch this video and discover how to quickly detect transports that exist in one system but not another.

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Rev-Trac Insights: Chronological

Need to rebuild a system quickly after a refresh, but aren’t sure where to begin? Learn how Chronicle’s list of all transports in the sequence imported across all systems can save time and help smooth the rebuild.

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