We help businesses deliver high-quality SAP applications faster and more reliably for a quicker ROI on your SAP systems.
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What we do at

Rev-Trac Platinum, Rev-Trac ONE, and Rev-Trac Insights make up Revelation Software Concepts (RSC) products to automate and simplify SAP change management. For more than 20 years, our focus has been eliminating high-risk, labour-intensive processes and helping organizations deliver faster and more reliable SAP change.

As one of the first to predict automation’s role in the future, we have delivered one software innovation after another to manage more and more complex SAP environments.

Our pioneering technologies enable your business to respond quickly to changes in the market by adopting SAP agile and DevOps for a continuous delivery pipeline.

That means you can cost-effectively maximize business value from your SAP systems, freeing resources to drive innovation to keep ahead of your competitors.

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What we do
at RSC

When we started RSC, our goal was simple. Eliminate traditional labor-intensive processes for faster, more frequent SAP change without it breaking in production.

Today, RSC is an innovative software company, creating solutions to make a better world. We build software that positively impacts individuals, communities, and society through in-house development, partnerships, and investment.

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Why choose

Since our beginnings in 1997, we have helped more than 150 customers globally automate their SAP change management processes.

Small businesses to Fortune 500 companies across various industries rely on us to maximize value from SAP solutions.

SAP focused

We are SAP specialists. Our focus is exclusively on developing software to deliver rapid, low-risk SAP change more frequently.

track record

For more than 22 years, we have helped companies optimize SAP solutions to meet the needs of the business and its customers.

Our team

The Rev-Trac team is committed to helping companies increase business agility and accelerated transformation. Meet our dedicated team.

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We believe people matter! Businesses can positively impact the quality of life of people in communities who are in need.

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