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Your estimated savings with Rev-Trac are calculated on normalized metrics applied to all companies across every sector.

For a more detailed assessment based on personalized metrics for your business fill out the form below and one of our SAP Change Control Automation Experts will get in touch.

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For a more accurate estimation, please get in touch with us via the form below. We will get in contact and determine the metrics we need to develop an accurate picture of your organization’s change control process to determine how much you can save with Rev-Trac. We will then provide you with an estimated cost reduction range available through the extensive automation RSC’s Rev-Trac SAP Change Management Automation Platform provides.


We calculate your estimated annual costs based on a range of normalised metrics. For example, personnel costs, average times to complete manual tasks, introduced delays, and management overhead.

We calculate your estimated cost reduction based on the degree of automation likely to assist depending on the combination of your inputs.

How much does change management actually cost your organisation?

Download our guide ‘The ROI of automated SAP change management’ and calculate the cost of SAP change for your business by defining:

  • How you detect or initiate change?
  • How are changes allocated to processes?
  • How are these processes enforced?
  • How and when you may deploy transports?
  • How do you detect transport sequencing errors?
  • What actions initiate workflow alerts?
  • How do you automate approvals?

And using this information to determine how much SAP change management costs your business, and how much of this you can turn into ROI by automating your change management processes.

How much can you save with Rev-Trac?

Fill out the form below and one of our SAP Change Control Experts will get in touch to provide you with a calculation of how much ROI your organisation could save with Rev-Trac, as well as a breakdown of how that figure was reached.