A fast and safe transition
to S/4HANA

Accelerate and simplify your S/4HANA migration with automation

Automate for a
successful transition to S/4HANA

Shifting to S4/HANA is a massive project that can considerably impact your day-to-day operations. Yet, you can’t shut up shop because you are migrating to capitalize on the opportunities S/4HANA offers. Significant SAP projects, new features and enhancements, break-fix changes, and business-related updates must be managed while configuring S/4HANA systems.

Rev-Trac Platinum’s mature automation solves the problem by eliminating risky manual SAP change processes and helping you to transition to S/4HANA safely. Our software provides the control and governance required to transport SAP changes to Production while building your S/4HANA environment. At the same time, Rev-Trac ensures that changes deployed in your legacy environment are identified and considered for application to the S/4HANA system.

Why choose
Rev-Trac Platinum?

Confidently accelerate your S/4HANA migration

Automatic Synchronisation

Keep new and legacy systems in sync by managing changes to prevent conflict and interruptions to business. Automatically clone relevant changes from your legacy landscape and selectively apply them to your S/4HANA environment to keep both in sync and maintain system uptime.

Simplified Build

Create a Rev-Trac request for each requirement of your S/4HANA systems. Automate and track the migration of changes containing individual requirements to accelerate your S/4HANA build. Requests are transparent and known, so you can easily track the history and reason for every object modification. Rev-Trac uses SAP’s built-in RFCs for communication, so it supports on-premises, business Cloud and hybrid environments.

Lasting Benefits

After going live with S/4HANA, transform your SAP change management processes to support agile and SAP DevOps. Our SAP change management automation platform can bi-directionally integrate with automated ALM and DevOps tools to enable continuous delivery of change while eliminating manual effort and reducing risk.

How it works!

Transition quickly to S/4HANA with less risk

All SAP changes and updates migrated to the Production system are automatically cloned. These requests can be evaluated and applied as required to the parallel S/4HANA development track. Our software supports automated and manual deployment between legacy and S/4HANA applications.

When code compatibility exists between legacy systems and the S/4HANA environment, Rev-Trac’s extended object locking system helps manage changes across parallel environments. Reduce the risk of unintentional parallel development and prevent conflicts and sequencing issues that can put your projects and systems at risk.

Migrate changes quickly and reliably to avoid unnecessary delays, risks and inefficiencies in development and test environments. Rev-Trac automatically migrates changes to pre-defined destinations after being approved. Receive a message if the auto migration fails for quick resolution of problems.

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Are you ready to accelerate your migration to S/4HANA?

Rev-Trac Platinum can help to accelerate your transition to S/4HANA with confidence and reduced risk. Contact us now to discover how you can prevent conflict and maintain business continuity.