Better understand and manage your SAP systems

Achieve project goals with automation software that considers management outcomes, transforms your change control processes, maximizing the value of your SAP investment. Reduce levels of risk to production systems and enforce standardized change control processes to accelerate transformation without going over your budget.

Deliver projects on
time and on budget


Documenting, reporting and managing SAP change can be a nightmare, particularly in a digital world focused on speed. Audit efforts cost companies time and money with resources re-directed from ongoing projects and tasks. Rev-Trac Platinum eliminates high-risk manual processes with automated record keeping, meeting even the most stringent audit requirements. Automatic documentation of each and every change guarantees compliance and huge cuts in audit effort from days (or weeks) to hours.


Accelerating SAP change and release methods can increase risk to production systems that is difficult to manage with traditional manual processes. All changes, agile or other delivery methods, have to be managed and governed well. The key to fast and efficient release management is automated process enforcement. Automation ensures standardized change control processes are followed and change rules are complied with.

Reduced cost

Spiralling costs are a huge headache for managers. Largely manual, error-prone SAP change and release processes can put a massive strain on project’s budget. Change control automation accelerates delivery of SAP change without breaking the budget. Eliminate costly manual effort with automated and repeatable processes that streamline IT actions across an application’s life cycle. Achieve more change, more frequently at the lowest cost.


Software selection is critical to the success of projects. Clumsy or complicated software introduces complexities that delays rollout to teams. Costs spiral and ultimately, the project blows-out from weeks to months, and in the worst case, years. Be up and running in no time at all with SAP change control automation that works out-of-the box. Easy to configure and user-friendly for more frequent change with shorter delivery cycles and no reduction in quality.