SAP DevOps

SAP agile, DevOps
and continuous delivery 

Deliver SAP change that is always ready for production

Adopt agile, DevOps and continuous delivery across your SAP environment to break regular SAP release cycles and meet the needs of the business faster than ever before.

Deploy rapid low-risk
SAP change more frequently

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Business needs are constantly changing. Yet, delivering SAP change using traditional, outdated manual methods takes considerable time and risks SAP systems stability.

SAP DevOps allows you to deploy new applications and enhancements at the speed of business through continuous delivery of SAP change.

Our automated SAP DevOps orchestration platform – Rev-Trac Platinum – allows your SAP teams to adopt agile development, DevOps and continuous delivery to respond more quickly to business requirements. With Rev-Trac, you can deploy SAP change faster and more effectively without risking applications breaking in production.

What is
SAP DevOps?

SAP DevOps

SAP DevOps is about culture, work processes and technologies combining to deliver faster, safer software applications. A DevOps strategy focuses on collaboration between product, development and operational professionals.

Automation is critical to DevOps. The closer you get to your DevOps goals, the more automated a set of systems and processes needs to be.

Adopting SAP DevOps results in improved communication between cross-functional teams, faster and safer delivery of SAP change, and a significant reduction in effort for everyone with automation eliminating workloads and repetitive tasks.

SAP DevOps

1 Release faster and work smarter
Organizations can make smaller changes more frequently. Cross-functional collaboration delivers SAP applications better and faster.
2 Maintain system integrity
Automating the SAP application delivery process eliminates error-prone, manual intervention, minimizing costly systems downtime.
3 More time to innovate
Adopting Agile and DevOps for SAP frees up resources for value add projects. SAP IT teams can focus on innovation rather than support – delivering higher quality software and building new revenue streams.
4 Integrate tools to create a DevOps toolchain
Connect disparate technologies and processes across an application’s lifecycle to continuously deliver high-quality SAP change breaking regular release cycles.
5 Accelerate digital transformation
Agile and SAP DevOps are critical in accelerating transformation goals. The methodologies support continuous delivery of software, aligning with business demands.

Adopt SAP DevOps and continuous
delivery across your SAP environment

Rapid, low-risk SAP change, which is ready to be deployed at any time, is possible with Rev-Trac Platinum.


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