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SAP change for SAP ECP

Get your SAP change sorted with automation and enforcement capabilities that help to protect the integrity of your data and deliver rapid, low-risk change. If you have migrated payroll to SAP ECP, then Rev-Trac Platinum has all the features you need to keep you compliant and manage SAP change inside the Cloud-based solution.

Automate SAP change and ensure compliance


Whatever the size of your organization or industry, managing payroll is complicated. Payroll is wrapped in layers of statutory requirements, bargaining agreements and contains highly sensitive employee data. For security, scale and flexibility, more and more businesses are migrating to SAP’s Cloud-based solution Employee Central Payroll (ECP).

SAP is responsible for managing and protecting your data from accidental loss and external threats. However, organizations can customize their ECP environment and deploy changes across ECP landscapes. And, SAP change, even the simplest is risky.

Rev-Trac Platinum allows you to deliver SAP change for ECP safely. It’s consistent and repeatable automated processes reduce the risk of errors and guarantee compliance with a single audit trail for every SAP change.

Unique architecture preserves data integrity



Prevent malicious attacks on highly sensitive employee data by importing the SAP change management into the secure ECP systems.

Rev-Trac Platinum resides within the ECP system and provides built-in automated SAP change management.

It uses native NetWeaver architecture, including RFCs for communication and delivers SAP change safely mitigating the need for network and security administrators to secure the communication between an external SAP change management toolset and the ECP Cloud.

Technology built for SAP change


Rev-Trac Platinum has been approved and certified for use with SAP SuccessFactors ECP and presents zero additional risks to the secure Cloud layer. Our powerful automated platform ensures that all SAP changes are transparent and trackable across the landscape and eliminates high-risk human errors that threaten system stability.

Advanced features guarantee payroll compliance and allow you to deliver rapid low-risk SAP change for fast ROI from your ECP investment.

  • Extended Locking system – helps to prevent accidental parallel development on common objects
  • Overtake & Overwrite Protection System (OOPS) – detects and allows correction of conflicting and out of sequence transports even on parallel objects
  • Transport Enforcement – guarantees that every transport is associated with a Rev-Trac change request, which improves control and visibility across the change process, providing the foundation for good governance
  • Compliance and reduced audit effort – Automatic processes manage the flow of change across the landscape and generate an audit trail proving compliance

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