An accidental loss of custom code during a crash or restore can be an expensive disaster.

Version vault

Object repository

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Get a comprehensive view of custom objects as the change over time. Store, rescue, browse, and analyze the object repository of any SAP system to save time after a crash or unexpected loss. Access the centralized repository to review the complete development version history to rebuild your software and maintain business continuity quickly.

Life Saver

Object auto-save

Dealing with an accidental loss of custom code or a change in project plans can be a nightmare. Life Saver takes point-in-time snapshots of active code, allowing SAP IT teams to view and compare with earlier or later versions to restore systems rapidly to previous states if stability is threatened.

Are you ready to see inside your system?

Reduce the risk and cost-effectively catch problems with SAP transports before they become issues in production.