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SAP projects can be time and often labour intensive with countless code changes and versions across systems.

Code Ferret

ABAP Code Search

Never lose another line of code again. This app quickly locates custom code wherever it resides, with ‘Google-like’ searching across all SAP systems. Code Ferret is a huge time saver when searching for specific fragments of code. Find certain objects such as functions changed by a particular developer, code errors, or check code standards.


Watch Bot

Change monitoring

Configure automated SAP change and systems alerts to keep on top of critical activity. It can sound an alarm if a system gets unstable, goes down, or comes back up. Using Watch Bot, developers can control critical custom code to prevent or monitor unauthorized changes, safeguarding SAP system integrity.


Match Box

Object comparison

Conflicting custom code residing in different locations presents a real threat to your SAP systems stability. Match Box compares code versions and detects even small differences between code versions allowing developers to see conflicts in a single view. Changes can be made where required to prevent costly unscheduled downtime.

Are you ready to see inside your system?

Reduce the risk and cost-effectively catch problems with SAP transports before they become issues in production.