Accelerate your Brownfield migration to S/4HANA with Rev-Trac

A Brownfield approach to S/4HANA transitions is less risky, cheaper, and faster than other methods. Yet, it does come with inherent challenges for SAP IT teams. Discover how Rev-Trac Platinum can help your organization to transition rapidly to S/4HANA without risking business continuity and avoiding unnecessary costs.

Brownfield Acceleration

Migrating to S/4HANA is not a simple upgrade. Yet, like any project, success relies on minimizing time, costs, and risks to your business.

To meet the challenge, organizations are increasingly adopting a Brownfield approach in their shift to S/4HANA. Automating SAP change management processes is crucial to rapidly building and deploying your S/4HANA landscape without disrupting day to day business.

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