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ROI: 4 Metrics that Matter

The way organizations implement software is unique. But all have one thing in common – to establish confidence in the ROI the business expects. Read this eBook to reveal the data that matters most.

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Building a solid business case for Rev-Trac

Automation is increasingly seen as the key to success in a world where SAP IT teams are under pressure to deliver more SAP change faster than ever before. Discover how to put together a compelling business case for Rev-Trac Platinum that will win your CFO over.

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S/4HANA Transition

Accelerate your Brownfield migration to S/4HANA with Rev-Trac

A Brownfield approach to S/4HANA transitions is less risky, cheaper, and faster than other methods. Yet, it does come with inherent challenges for SAP IT teams. Discover how Rev-Trac Platinum can help your organization to transition rapidly to S/4HANA without risking business continuity and avoiding unnecessary costs.

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What you need to know about agile development for SAP

The only constant in today’s business environment is change. Companies that can’t react quickly to ever-changing market demands face an uncertain future. The speed at which your business can respond in the new digital age, increasingly relies on how fast your software can change. The onus is on businesses to deliver applications faster – including SAP applications – to satisfy customer and business demands without delay. The result: agile development is fast becoming top of mind for business owners and CIOs with back-end SAP systems.

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Get on the fast track to sap agile and DevOps

Get on the fast track to SAP agile and DevOps

As the compelling benefits of DevOps initiatives become clear, many companies attempt to integrate tools and processes to support a DevOps strategy but find it difficult. Fortunately, tools are available that utilize ready-to-use integrations, significantly increasing the likelihood of DevOps success.

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