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Rev-Trac helps AGL keep the lights on

AGL has been at the forefront of energy innovation in Australia for over 180 years. To service the demands of its business and customers – a reported 3.6 million in 2017 – AGL’s SAP environment grew increasingly complex.

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CHEP leverages Rev-Trac for SAP project success

Managing multiple complex SAP projects without interrupting your daily business operations can be a nightmare, particularly for organizations which rely on manual change processes. Learn how CHEP adopted Rev-Trac – an automated SAP change management platform – to mitigate risks and improve efficiencies in a volatile environment.

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Rev-Trac fuels Textron’s SAP business transformation

Integrating completely independent brands onto an SAP business information solution is a significant challenge for global conglomerates. Discover how Textron cost-effectively streamlined operations and met stringent compliance requirements with highly automated SAP change management processes.

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Rev-Trac drives Dana Inc.’s SAP automation strategy

To realize its objectives and drive further growth, Dana recognized it needed to improve the stability of its SAP infrastructure landscape. The company acknowledged that automation of its existing SAP change processes was crucial to keeping its systems up and running. Importantly a Release Management strategy would enable it to meet increasing business demands within the ever-growing automotive parts and supply market.

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Florida Power & Light switches on Rev-Trac

In response to increasing challenges, Florida Power & Light realized that its existing change control tools – spreadsheets, manual forms and email – were no longer sufficient. Greater automation of its SAP change control processes were crucial to adapting to the growing demands.

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Rev-Trac ends Fromageries Bel’s production blues

Fromageries Bel has agressive goals, aiming to double in size by 2025. This required addressing a number of challenges within its SAP landscape. These include the development of a formal release management program to deliver projects with greater success to the business faster, and with fewer go-live errors.

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Rev-Trac accelerates Verizon’s media ambitions

Verizons goal is continuous audience growth. To help achieve the scale it desired, the communications company wanted to streamline its SAP environment, simplifying change control processes and improving production stability whilst adopting agile and DevOps principals for SAP change management.

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Rev-Trac cures NGA HR’s compliance headache

To continue to grow and scale, NGA HR needed to resolve a number of key issues with their SAP HCM systems. Too many changes were being initiated but not reaching production, change control processes lacked a level of control and enforcement, and were largely manual. This increased the risk of system failures, and scalability was impossible with so much manual intervention.

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