Damien Markwell

5 reasons why SAP change intelligence is crucial

Damien Markwell | October 5, 2020


The more complex your SAP environment becomes, the more fragile it is. SAP change intelligence can prevent unplanned disruptions like a system crash or refresh becoming an expensive nightmare.

Combined with the demand for more frequent and rapid SAP change, it is more important than ever to know what is happening in your SAP systems. Understanding the real state of play — being able to see inside your SAP systems — helps to reduce the risk of BAU and project release delivery incidents.

A comprehensive SAP change intelligence platform, such as Rev-Trac Insights, can transform the way you manage SAP systems.

Powerful insights allow SAP IT teams to maximize production system uptime and deliver SAP change safely, faster, and more frequently. Users can act on essential systems data, like transport locations and object versions, and make improvements or prevent a disaster.

How can SAP change intelligence help your organizations?

  1. Understanding the real state of change across your SAP landscape is difficult
    Total visibility and insight into the many SAP changes introduced daily enable SAP IT teams to understand your system’s integrity at any point in time. Awareness of what can happen or is happening in your SAP systems can help you avoid disruptions to daily operation and overblown project timelines.
  2. Transport sequence and composition threaten stability
    With the large volumes of SAP change demanded today, managing transports can be a nightmare. If an application or enhancement is going to work as designed and not break in production, transports must be imported in the correct sequence. Intelligence on transport sequencing, impact, dependencies, and composition can help to ensure successful and safe production go-lives.
  3. Lost or conflicting code can lead to unplanned downtime
    Every SAP installation has 1000s of versions of custom code objects spread across the SAP landscape. Locating specific code snippets, code errors, or conflicting code is time-consuming, diverting resources from high-value or innovative work for a competitive edge. Change intelligence which enables you to search ABAP programs across all systems and pinpoint errors or conflicting code helps to maximize production system uptime.
  4. Differing QAS and PRD systems present testing issues
    Differences between systems, even small ones, can cripple the stability of your SAP solution. For example, significant amounts of code lying un-promoted in QAS can distort test results and destabilize PRD if promoted. The ability to see inside your SAP systems to visualize and quantify the difference allows SAP IT teams to take corrective action to maintain system integrity and prevent a costly shutdown.
  5. Out of sync object versions are a risk to your SAP solution
    You know how quickly objects can fall out of sync, for example, if a transport on one system changes an object copied to DEV from another system. A big challenge is keeping code up-to-date and in sync across all systems to ensure an application doesn’t break in production. SAP change intelligence can help to identify differences between code versions, allowing you to rapidly re-sync where required to maintain system stability.

Why Rev-Trac Insights?

We introduced Rev-Trac Insights to provide the SAP change intelligence critical to system stability and successful go-lives of BAU and project releases.

The software combines a suite of 12 applications that deliver insights into SAP custom code, transports, and system information so that you can understand your SAP solution’s integrity at any point in time.

Total visibility of every object version, track, and transport allows you to catch problems before they become issues in production. The change intelligence platform safeguards custom code eliminates the risk of lost work and helps manage transports better.

Rev-Trac Insights is available as a standalone software platform for organizations building and maintaining SAP applications and services. The technology is also integrated for free in our automated SAP change management platform, Rev-Trac Platinum.

For more information, download our whitepaper: “Unlocking the value of SAP system change intelligence,” or request a call with one of our Rev-Trac experts.

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