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How to easily use Eclipse with ABAP and Rev-Trac

Damien Markwell | July 28, 2021

Software is now at the heart of every organization, and the rapid evolution of programming technology reflects the change.

Given the new world, it’s time ABAP provides a proper development environment for developers to work exclusively with other development tools such as Eclipse, Java, Python, Github, and Gitlab.

Historically ABAP hasn’t provided enough freedom for developers to use different toolsets while using the ABAP workbench.

As a result, it requires a sophisticated development platform to allow developers to work on multiple sessions with various tools.   

Eclipse editor is one of the most promising developer tools on the market.

Developers can opt to use it to enhance their development options as it offers various opportunities to use modern programming techniques.  

Using the tool for ABAP development is a smart option as it helps developers improve the quality of the custom code.

There are plugins included to open several sessions with different development tabs, increasing the maximum six session window available via the standard SAP GUI to unlimited sessions.  

Developers using Eclipse editor for ABAP can write code, unit test, syntax check, ATC check, and use keyword colouring to make the code easier to read.

[See the image below, which shows an ABAP code opened in Eclipse editor].    


Other benefits of ABAP on Eclipse include:  

  • Syntax check while writing the code  
  • Many source codes open at the same time  
  • Occurrence markers    
  • Signature preview on F2   
  • ABAP keywords colour 
  • You can use High resolution  
  • Additional views  
  • Perspectives   
  • It doesn’t close when the connection breaks     
  • You can use Eclipse for other languages as well   
  • It gives you warnings about exception classes not caught  
  • One place to rule them all 

Can Rev-Trac work with Eclipse? 

In a world where software is the foundation of successful organizations, development tools must work together to deliver robust solutions.

That is why, Rev-Trac bi-directionally integrates with popular tools such as ServiceNow and Jira for faster, safer and higher-quality SAP changes.  

Here at Rev-Trac, we are also investigating interoperability with other software development tools like Eclipse.

A project the Rev-Trac research and development team have been working on is Eclipse enforcement.  

In this scenario, users switch on Eclipse enforcement to leverage the Eclipse platform.

Once enabled, Rev-Trac treats an Eclipse object the same as any other object.

Rev-Trac forces developers to attach the Eclipse object to a transport.

Each transport must be attached to a Rev-Trac Request, ensuring compliance with your business processes.  

Pre-Requisites for ABAP usage 

SAP systems must be on BASIS 7.40 or above and the appropriate Java Runtime for the Eclipse version.

The related ADT version must also be installed.    

If you would like to learn more about Rev-Trac and Eclipse enforcement, please feel free to reach out to one of our product specialists.  


Damien Markwell

Damien first joined the company in 2004 as APAC Sales Manager before taking on the separate roles of Global Sales Director, Commercial Lead – Customer Success Team. In August 2022, he was appointed Director of Services. In his role, Damien oversees and works with the pre-sales, consulting, case management, and partnership teams to ensure organizations maximize their value from a Rev-Trac investment.
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