Susan Cannington

To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade? That is the Question!

Susan Cannington | May 31, 2017

One of the primary benefits of your support plan is to receive the latest Rev-Trac version developed by RSC – and you can always download and read about the latest new features and enhancements made to Rev-Trac and the Mobile Web GUI from the Support Portal under downloads.  One new feature I found is the Parallel Development Workbench provided in v7 SPS02.  I’ll provide you a high-level overview of this new feature in today’s blog.

The purpose of the Parallel Development Workbench (PDW) is to provide a centralized view of requests and in flight parallel development information.  This workbench provides an authorized manager, information about requests currently locking objects, and queued items for approval to allow parallel development for which developers wish to perform work on common objects. The manager can review the locked object information and choose to approve or reject the parallel development request.

There are 2 additional reports available on the PDW – Active Parallel Development Report and Parallel Development Report by Object. The Active Parallel Development Report will provide a list of all requests that have been approved for parallel development that are in a status which holds a lock.  The Parallel Development Report by Object allows a manager to report by Object name on requests holding a lock.

In addition, the notifications of object locking have been expanded.  The following email notifications will be sent to:

  1. The SAP Developer that encountered the original lock message that was used to generate the parallel development request.
  2. The Rev-Trac user that has run the Parallel Development utility.
  3. If using Release Management, the Rev-Trac user that is set as the ‘Owner’ of the Release that the parallel development Rev-Trac Request is linked to.

So, when asking the question – To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade – I think the Parallel Development Workbench, provides plenty of reason to dive right into v7 SPS02!