Dan McGrann

Preventing Unplanned SAP Production Outages

Dan McGrann | October 11, 2017

It goes without saying that unplanned SAP production outages are costly.

That’s why many SAP customers spend large amounts on ensuring high availability and redundancy. Eliminating single points of failure ensure continuous up time. But those infrastructures, no matter where they exist are still subject to accidental production downtime.  Whether on premise or in the cloud, SAP systems are still at risk from poorly managed SAP change activities.

Managing SAP Production Outages

At the recent SAP TechEd event, I was surprised by how many conversations we had regarding unplanned SAP downtime. Most commonly caused by SAP changes which were untested, out of sequence or delivered prematurely. Although manageable, these unexpected errors can be difficult to trace and therefore rectify quickly.  In a way I can understand. Due to the increasing complexity of SAP environments, catching these types of situations can be difficult for SAP change management teams.

Automation as a solution

However, with readily available, out of the box change control automation software it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s why I really like this chart from our recent TechValidate customer survey.  It shows that Rev-Trac customers don’t have to worry about  out of sequence transports, since the embedded OOPS (Overtake and Overwrite Protection System) technology takes care of that automatically.

Our customers can also automatically prevent premature change delivery with standard Rev-Trac features, while automated integrations with code inspection and testing solutions virtually guarantee that untested changes won’t make it into the production systems.   It’s great to know that our customers are effectively protected from erroneous SAP changes.

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Dan McGrann

Dan first joined the company in 2015 to grow Rev-Trac’s partner ecosystem and build relationships with like-minded organizations to creates strategic DevOps initiatives for SAP-using enterprises. Dan has an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing today’s SAP IT teams, particularly in SAP change management, cross-platform integration trends and DevOps best practices.
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