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Signs Your SAP IT Team May Be About To Journey To Agile or DevOps

Rick Porter | December 22, 2017

Recently, I came across a post outlining the steps for development teams to successfully start a DevOps transformation. In his post, John Jeremiah, points out that for a successful proactive transformation certain stars need to align. That is a business need for velocity and speed and management’s impatience with the current pace of change.

However, in speaking with SAP IT teams looking at a DevOps transformation it almost always is in reaction to pressure from the business rather than a proactive change in approach. So how can an SAP IT team better anticipate the need for change and become a little more proactive?

Signs that agile or DevOps is coming your way

Development speed and velocity should already be a goal for SAP development and support teams. However, what are the signs that this now needs to become a priority goal?

Here are three indicators that agile and/or DevOps is on the way for the SAP IT Team.

  • Talk around digital transformation
  • S/4 HANA implementations
  • Move away from on-premise to cloud based applications

Digital Transformation

Unless you are operating in a stable, slow to change B2B business environment (or a bubble), digital transformation will be the words on everyone’s lips. A key CIO goal will be how to help the business transform. Of course, part of this transformation will be the need for speed and an increase in ABAP development pace.


SAP is marketing S/4 HANA as the application most ready to support a company’s digital transformation. If you are hearing about a likely S/4 HANA project, then a digital transformation is on its way. Your CIO and the business will be expecting development velocity increases, faster project delivery times and involvement in the process.

Cloud based applications

Cloud is synonymous with digital transformation. As part of its digital strategy, SAP is concentring its ‘digital’ core around S/4 HANA and building a stable of rapid response cloud based applications around it. Generally, these directly customer (internal and external) facing applications can be modified, enhanced and delivered more rapidly than traditional ABAP. Therefore, one can expect the need to speed up and join in the pace to be not far away.

What’s next?

So… if you are hearing about digital transformation, S/4 HANA, cloud based applications or all three, then your journey to SAP DevOps is coming your way in one form or another. Perhaps sooner than you may have anticipated.

We can help, and so be sure to contact us at [email protected] if any of the above rings true for you.

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