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Deliver safe SAP ECP change with Rev-Trac

Chris Drake | December 7, 2020


Any SAP change, even the smallest, threatens system stability. Automating your SAP change management processes is crucial.

Eliminating high-risk manual effort enables you to deliver SAP change faster and more safely, making it a perfect fit for SAP ECP environments.

Processing payroll in the Cloud is a more recent phenomenon. Customizing SAP systems by managing SAP change is not.

For more than 20 years, we have provided an automated solution that has helped our customers simplify SAP change control and prevent unscheduled downtime.

In the last blog, I looked at how Rev-Trac can help you prevent transport inconsistencies, better manage parallel development, and comply with stringent audit regulations.

And for this blog, I am going to continue to focus on automating SAP change management across ECP landscapes.

Unique architecture for SAFE ECP change

Rev-Trac is built from the ground up for SAP change and is certified for use with SAP SuccessFactors ECP.

Our automation solution’s features and capabilities – some of which we explored in the previous blog – are ideal for managing SAP ECP change.

Yet, they are not the only reasons Rev-Trac can have such a massive impact in the Employee Central Payroll space.

Rev-Trac eliminates the need for network and security administrators to secure the communication between an external SAP change management toolset and the ECP Cloud.

The software solution is written in ABAP and exists within the NetWeaver Layer of the ECP system – like an SAP module stored within a separate namespace.

With Rev-Trac, there is no need for mandatory additional servers or applications set up externally to deliver the SAP change management solution.

Housing Rev-Trac in the secure ECP systems assists in minimizing unnecessary network penetration of the SAP ECP cloud where an organization is storing the highly sensitive employee data, significantly reducing the potential for a costly breach.

How it works!

Rev-Trac’s ABAP-based architecture allows ‘built-in’ SAP Employee Central Payroll change management.

It uses the native architecture of SAP NetWeaver, including ABAP RFCs for communications and SAP User ID authorization and authentication for safe and efficient communication and authentication between the ECP Development, Quality and Production instances.

The technology is easy to install and can be rapidly ramped up to deliver frequent, high-quality changes in no time at all.

Installation involves importing a software transport into the controlled environments by working with the SAP hosted services quoting SAP OSS note #2167337.

Post import, Rev-Trac consumes private vendor namespaces within the SAP system.

And it leverages the built-in security layer of the system. Meaning the demand for resources outside of the SAP team (such as Infrastructure or Networking) are limited.


The ECP offering is SAP hosted, meaning standard SAP system backup, redundancies, and disaster recovery procedures built into the SAP system automatically apply to Rev-Trac and its data.

Therefore, your SAP change management audit history is safely kept within the ECP system database.

In our experience – and we have helped numerous customers transition to automated ECP change management – businesses want to ensure parallel development doesn’t get out of control and transports are imported in the correct sequence.

And they want the flexibility to guarantee compliance and reduce the risk of payroll errors.

This is where Rev-Trac provides its quickest and most visible ROI.

With Rev-Trac, you can safely deliver SAP ECP change and get audit-level documentation of every modification to prove compliance with strict legal regulations.

For more information on how Rev-Trac can help you, contact one of our change management experts.

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