Chet Hodgins

New features for Rev-Trac at no extra cost

Chet Hodgins | May 1, 2018

Recently, Rev-Trac announced it won’t charge additional license fees for integration to 3rd party applications like ServiceNow, HP, ALM etc. Also, customers on the current 7.x version of Rev-Trac can leverage the value of our SALT application without the burden of additional license costs.

This is great news for existing and potential customers alike. You can take advantage of high-level capabilities without having to secure extra funding for this powerful functionality.

For example, automatically creating a Rev-Trac request from your ServiceNow Change Request screen and having bi-directional integration between ServiceNow and Rev-Trac throughout the lifecycle of the change.  It’s very user friendly! Some approvals can be done in ServiceNow, others in Rev-Trac. Requirements can be set that verify steps in either software have been completed before performing an action in the other.  The workflow can be configured to be as simple or as elegant as needed to meet the requirements of your business.

The RSC Core VM provides you with compelling functionality, including an HTML5 interface to Rev-Trac. An attractive Web UI enables you to interact with Rev-Trac through your browser or phone. The HTML5 interface breaks down some of the reporting restrictions with the native SAPGUI, opening up a realm of possibilities now and in the future.

Interested in improving your processes, adding new functionality and modernizing the whole look and feel of your interface, all without additional license cost? Please contact us a [email protected] for more information.