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Introducing peripheral object dependency checking

Chris Drake | October 3, 2016

This month, RSC released its first major product update to Rev-Trac 7 in Enhancement Pack SPS01.

Although it includes a range of valuable enhancements and new features, mostly centred around change quality and safety including enhancements to Rev-Trac Release Management capabilities, the one that excites me most is Rev-Trac Peripheral Object Dependency Checking (POD Check) and so I want to dedicate this article to explaining the feature.

What is the POD Check?

The POD Check is the first in a series of features designed to improve the integrity of changes delivered across SAP landscapes. A streamlined change integrity assurance process will enable SAP development and testing teams to deliver high quality changes consistently to production.

Utilizing the POD Check, Rev-Trac users will be able to avoid the negative outcomes of sending changes or releases without the required dependent object versions included (or already existing) in the target system.

How does the POD Check work?

For example, two developers are working on separate business requirements:

  • Developer 1: Implement updates to local sales tax
  • Developer 2: New quote generation facility for sales team

In this scenario, Developer 1 has modified a table structure with the necessary tax considerations, while Developer 2 has made a change leveraging Developer 1’s change on the table structure.

Utilizing the POD Check, if Developer 2 attempts to migrate his or her change to a target system before Developer 1 does, Developer 2 will receive a dependency alert, indicating that the version of the table structure being referenced in the change is not yet present in the target system. Furthermore, if the Release Manager attempts to go-live with a release that includes Developer 2’s change, but not Developer 1’s change, he or she will also receive a dependency alert indicating the missing object version from the release.

Rev-Trac Peripheral Object Dependency Checking is sure to be a valuable asset to SAP organizations managing high-volume changes or complex projects, and Rev-Trac customers are able to start utilizing the feature straight away.

For information about using the features in SPS01, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Chris Drake

Chris first joined the company in 2007 on the front line in customer support. In the role, he gained a comprehensive knowledge of the concerns and priorities customers have from both a user and strategic decision-maker standpoints. Working in the field as an implementation consultant, Chris has a deep understanding of SAP and change management and the impact manual processes have on SAP systems stability.
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