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How to master SAP change management

Rick Porter | October 26, 2018

How to master SAP change management

There is no doubt businesses with SAP back-end systems are under increasing pressure to deliver higher volumes of change at faster rates with lower costs, higher quality and fewer risks – in other words, they need to figure out how to master SAP change management.

Many are transforming their business and adopting agile or DevOps for SAP to meet the challenges. In fact, in a recent blog I mentioned that around 40 per cent of IT organizations are either adopting agile or DevOps now (27 per cent) or are planning to within the next 12 months (27 per cent).

Meaning more than half of businesses (60 per cent) need to investigate alternative methods to master SAP change management to keep competitive in today’s digital world.

SAP change control at the crossroads

So, how can organizations achieve this objective without the kinds of changes an agile or DevOps culture brings? Particularly in an SAP IT environment where projects are often complex and debate continues to rage whether agile or DevOps can truly work in SAP.

I have been involved in the SAP world for almost 20 years and from what I have seen a major roadblock to meeting the demands are poor SAP change management practices. Businesses relying on out-dated, highly risky and expensive manual processes are not maximizing business value from their SAP solutions.

Automate to master SAP change management

No matter how well organised, streamlined and managed your manual SAP change management practices and processes are, they still limit the ability to respond quickly to business demands.

Relying on traditional, manual intensive SAP change management makes it difficult to deliver faster, better and safer SAP applications and enhancements. It also means there are less resources and time to focus on innovation which is crucial for survival in the digital age, and here is why:

  • Manual transport deployment is time consuming and risky
  • It’s difficult to enforce multiple change processes
  • Human error is inevitable
  • Lag time and human activity delays delivery

To truly manage and master SAP change management, organisations need to consider automating their largely manual change control practices and processes.

Automation allows SAP IT teams to make more SAP changes, more quickly while significantly reducing the risk of system downtime, freeing up resources to innovate faster.

Automation as a starting point

With an SAP change automation platform, businesses can achieve acceleration, volume and quality goals for competitive advantage.

Rev-Trac helps to master SAP change management through automation and enforcing process workflows. The fully integrated software solution cuts out the potential for human error and eliminates unnecessary lag time, enabling businesses to update and improve SAP applications faster and more efficiently.

Rick Porter

Rick joined Rev-Trac in 2001 – as employee number one – when it was still in a start-up phase. Rick leads the efforts to establish the Rev-Trac solutions as the market leading automated SAP change management technology. He’s overseen an innovative channel and partner strategy which has expanded into Europe, the United States, United Kingdom, South America and South Africa. As VP of business development, Rick is responsible for leading Rev-Trac into a new era.
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