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How the integration of automated SAP testing supports continuous delivery objectives

Dan McGrann | July 14, 2020


Continuous delivery is a core principle of DevOps. It’s also an approach that is very achievable for SAP customers – with some internal cultural and automation adjustments.

Maybe you’re considering transitioning from a weekly or bi-weekly change cycle to a daily change cycle into your SAP production systems. Or, perhaps like one of our utility customers, you would like to streamline SAP development and operations to deliver changes from “idea to production” in five days or less.

Whatever your business objectives, ensuring that software is always ready to be deployed is crucial. And, contrary to mainstream opinion – automated continuous delivery for different SAP changes can be realized in a short time.

Automation is the foundation for success

For more than 20 years, we have provided an automated SAP change management platform to deliver rapid, low-risk, high-quality SAP applications, and enhancements.

Our solution – Rev-Trac – can automate almost all manual SAP transport, change, and release activity. From fully automating the import and release of transports to enforcing segregation of duties rules, Rev-Trac eliminates error-prone manual effort to reduce operational costs significantly. Check out Rev-Trac Platinum automation features for the approximately 100 SAP change management tasks and processes that our software automates.

However, that’s only half of the continuous delivery story. You also need to implement and deliver automated and more continuous SAP testing to achieve your objectives.

In our experience, if the release and deployment steps are automated, but not the testing steps, then testing becomes the bottleneck. On the other hand, if you have automated tools for unit, functional, or integration testing, but don’t have an automated SAP release and deployment process, then that is where the bottleneck will occur.

Integrating your automated testing tools and change management solution – into a single orchestration platform – helps to overcome bottlenecks and facilitates continuous delivery of SAP change.

Rev-Trac as an integration orchestration engine

Here at Revelation Software Concepts, we don’t offer automated testing solutions. Our focus and experience are on simplifying SAP change management tasks and processes.

However, Rev-Trac does integrate via REST APIs with popular automated SAP testing solutions, including Tricentis, Worksoft, and Micro Focus. Rev-Trac acts as the orchestrator automating the testing process and ensuring that tests occur 100% of the time.

The test results are automatically stored within Rev-Trac for auditing purposes. Changes can auto-rejected in the case of a test failure, or auto-approved following a successful test.

Integrating automated testing with Rev-Trac’s automated change and release management solution allows you to achieve your continuous delivery goals quickly.

For more information or to discuss how Rev-Trac can support DevOps and continuous delivery initiatives, contact one of our change management experts.

Dan McGrann

Dan first joined the company in 2015 to grow Rev-Trac’s partner ecosystem and build relationships with like-minded organizations to creates strategic DevOps initiatives for SAP-using enterprises. Dan has an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing today’s SAP IT teams, particularly in SAP change management, cross-platform integration trends and DevOps best practices.
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