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Introducing Rev-Trac Insights: comprehensive change intelligence for SAP systems

Chris Drake | September 23, 2020

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Organizations can create and deploy hundreds, if not thousands, of SAP transports every month. As solutions and landscapes grow more complex to meet demands for higher volumes of SAP change, faster than ever before, it can be difficult to know what is going on in your SAP systems. Without some level of real-time automated transport control and change intelligence, it can be a massive challenge for SAP IT teams to prevent costly shutdowns.

SAP IT teams know even small changes carry the risk of accidental disruption, and the more complex the system, the greater the likelihood of unplanned downtime. With 1000s of versions of custom code objects spread across your SAP landscape, the differences between your SAP systems grow, and system integrity weakens. In short, this puts your production system at risk.

Here at Revelation Software Concepts (RSC), we know (and understand) that without total visibility into your SAP systems, managing SAP change can be a challenge. SAP changes and transports imported in the wrong sequence can disrupt the business. Or, in-progress development work can get forgotten or abandoned.

The Solution

Rev-Trac Insights is a solution for organizations still using manual change processes, or who have a change management system but are considering adding intelligence (and deep visibility) to that system.

The SAP change intelligence solution has been part of the Rev-Trac family of products for many years but has just been modernized to help manage transports better.  The capability to now offer visibility from the transport layer down into the object and version layer provides significant value and comfort to all organizations running Rev-Trac Insights.

The Rev-Trac Insight suite now incorporates a Migration Workbench; Propagation, Chronological, and Comparison apps, in addition to Landscape Management apps, Developer Utility apps, and Object Repository apps.

Introducing Rev-Trac Insights: comprehensive change intelligence for SAP systems

Rev-Trac Insights’ comprehensive change intelligence into SAP custom code, transports, and system information allows organizations to catch problems before they become issues in production. With the platform, SAP IT teams observe the real-time state of SAP systems from one place. Users can analyze, decide, and act on important system information, reducing the risk of errors or unscheduled interruptions significantly.

We have modernized the software platform to help organizations manage transports better. New apps provide transport managers and Basis users total visibility into the transport layer. As a result, they can pre-empt problems that could threaten production system stability and blow out costs.

Who is Rev-Trac Insights for?

Is your organization rolling out an SAP project and want to minimize costs and maximize production uptime? Are you considering an initial step to automate your manual SAP change management processes? Does your current automation tool give you total visibility across your SAP change, or provide object and versioning intelligence? Or, are you a developer working on BAU enhancements as part of the daily operations and wish to mitigate risk to deliver applications faster?

If you answered yes to any of the scenarios, then Rev-Trac Insights can help you meet your objectives. It’s a change intelligence platform for the whole team, from developers to leaders and project managers. Each of the 12 apps has a specific focus, which allows team members to quickly accomplish everyday tasks and maintain a system at its optimum.

The suite includes applications and utilities in four areas to:

  • Help developers work faster and more productively
  • Allow managers to understand the state of play in each system
  • Guard against potentially expensive disasters
  • Ensure successful and safe production go-lives

Why choose Rev-Trac Insights?

Do you have issues with transport system integrity, or, need to clean up your development or QA systems? Are you concerned about importing transports in the wrong order? Do you need to understand code-based production issues?

Suppose you answered yes to any of the scenarios. In that case, Rev-Trac Insights’ SAP change intelligence can help you to avoid disruptions to your business operations, project delays, and budget blowouts.

Rev-Trac Insights is a unique software platform built by SAP change management experts that provides visibility into the state of SAP systems.

  • It makes complicated object and transport information visible
  • It ensures transports are well managed and sequenced
  • It allows for a look before you leap integrity checks
  • Users can see every object version, track and every transport created

The simple but powerful solution sits alongside your SAP systems and is packaged within a maintenance-free, secure virtual appliance. It is easy to install, update, maintain or remove. Rev-Trac Insights communicates through SAP connectors using standard security safeguards, so it never poses a risk to the system itself.

Other benefits of Rev-Trac Insights include:

  • Investigate inconsistencies between systems using system transport and object comparison tools
  • Confidently check refreshed QA systems are back to their technical, pre-refreshed state
  • Find any line of code, regardless of location, within seconds
  • Safer, more stable project delivery
  • Find lost or abandoned developments, quickly reallocate incomplete work started by departing consultants
  • Unparalleled transport visibility
  • Post-release transport verification

Rev-Trac Insights is available as a standalone software platform for organizations building and maintaining SAP applications and services. The technology is also integrated for free in our automated SAP change management platform, Rev-Trac Platinum.

For more information, visit Rev-Trac Insights or request a call with one of our Rev-Trac experts.

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