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How to avoid an SAP systems disaster

Damien Markwell | February 22, 2019

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There is no doubt complex SAP landscapes are fragile. Code changes – even small ones – are a potential risk to SAP systems.

The more complex the landscape, the greater the risk of a costly systems disaster.

Unscheduled SAP systems downtime impacts business in different ways, from a loss in sales to significant reductions in productivity and customer satisfaction.

Factor in the cost of IT downtime – $5,600/minute or $300,000/hr according to Gartner – and a systems failure can be catastrophic.

It is essential that SAP IT teams maintain systems stability to minimise losses – in both time and money – and to satisfy constantly changing business demands.

Keep SAP systems stable

Rev-Trac Insights can help SAP IT teams to maximise systems uptime and reduce the risk of project and release delivery incidents.

Made up of 8 applications bundled together across three core areas – Landscape Management, Developer Utilities and Object Repository.

Rev-Trac Insights gives you a crucial understanding of your system’s integrity.

The software’s suite of applications provides change intelligence into custom ABAP code and objects and alert users to potential areas of threat across the landscape.

With Rev-Trac Insights, users can analyze, decide and act on important system information in real time. You can base decisions on fact, not guesswork.

In this blog, I will discuss how you can better manage your SAP systems using the Landscape Management applications Matrix, WIP Window and Cold Case.

Matrix: understand your SAP landscapes

This reality check application compares systems in detail, providing insight into the integrity of your SAP landscape.

Differences in custom code across multiple SAP systems can lead to unscheduled downtime, delaying projects and incurring costs in time and money.

With Matrix, SAP IT teams can quickly identify differences in code versions between systems.

All inconsistencies in monitored versionable objects across systems are displayed, allowing users to make corrections to maintain system stability.

WIP Window: monitor work in progress

Multiple projects. Countless code changes across systems. Managing workloads can be a constant headache for team leaders.

Utilizing WIP window, a manager can view all work in progress from unreleased changes in development to changes not yet moved to production.

Leaders can use the information to better manage project tasks and balance workloads between teams or individual team members.

Cold Case: minimise costs of stagnant transports

Over time, an SAP system accumulates forgotten or abandoned work from any number of sources. Unused code costs time and money and can interfere with integration testing.

Cold Case conducts Google-like searching of ABAP source code across every connected SAP system, quickly identifying stagnant, forgotten or abandoned changes and transports.

With this application, you can potentially rescue thousands of hours of lost work.

Users can view transports that have not reached their ultimate destination and for which no activity – including migration – has occurred across the landscape within a defined period.

For example, Cold Case can show you all transports that are not in production and were last touched between three and 12 months ago.

Once identified the code can be removed, completed, moved to a repository or even promoted, minimising the costs and risks to SAP systems from stagnant transports.

Rev-Trac Insights: standalone or integrated

The latest release of our automated SAP change management software – Rev-Trac 8.0 Platinum – integrates Insights.

So, users have visibility and control at the transport layer but also the capability to drill down from the transport right into the offending code.

Rev-Trac Insights is also available as a standalone software suite to alert businesses to potential threats and allows users to make quick improvements or prevent a systems disaster.

For more information on Rev-Trac Insights visit the solutions section of our website.

If you would like to discover how the change intelligence software can help your business avoid an SAP systems shutdown, reach out to one of our experts.

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