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Automated SAP ECP change with Rev-Trac

Chris Drake | November 23, 2020


In the last blog, I discussed how automated SAP change management was crucial in an expanding ECP space. Using automation, SAP IT teams can deliver ECP change safely (and quickly) without risk to production.

I’m going to continue to look at automated SAP change management across ECP landscapes. In this blog, I will reveal how Rev-Trac can help prevent transport inconsistencies, better manage parallel development, and comply with stringent audit regulations.

Payroll is complicated and wrapped in statutory regulations, processes and requirements. Even more, you are dealing with the livelihood of an organization’s most vital asset – it’s employees. As a business, you can’t afford to make errors. It’s crucial that you pay your employees accurately and on time. Two payroll errors are all it takes for 49 per cent of American workers to look for new roles, according to a survey from the Workforce Institute at Kronos.

Why does automation matter?

ECP is an SAP NetWeaver payroll engine that is hosted in the SAP SuccessFactors Cloud. So, SAP is responsible for assisting with updates applied to the ECP environment, back-ups, redundancies, and preventing data breaches. At the same time, when a new employee comes on board or adjustments are made to rules for individual entitlements and incentives, businesses need to make changes to payroll.

SAP allows organizations to customize their ECP environment and supports ABAP modifications and deployment of change across an ECP landscape. However, out-of-the-box ECP is deployed without automated SAP change management. And this a concern.

Adopting ECP and relying on SAP STMS increases the risk of a costly system shutdown, non-compliance and payroll errors.

Here’s how!

Developing and configuring operations in the ECP space often involves teams working in isolation rather than collaborating. Such a scenario can be a nightmare – transports imported in the wrong order or missed altogether, and parallel development gets out of control.

Also, payroll deals with highly sensitive personal data and is subject to strict tax laws and obligations. Audit compliance of your business processes – including SAP change management – is essential.

Rev-Trac streamlines SAP change management

While processing payroll in the Cloud is in its infancy, issues surrounding transport management, audit compliance and system stability are not new. For more than 20 years, Revelation Software Concepts (RSC), has provided an automated solution that allows our customers to simplify SAP change control.

Rev-Trac – the latest version Platinum 8.2 – is an SAP change management automation platform enabling rapid, continuous and safe change that is transparent and trackable. The solution’s mature features and capabilities help businesses to achieve successful go-lives whether producing new developments on-premise or in an ECP environment. With Rev-Trac, more changes are delivered to production faster than ever before.

Where Rev-Trac can have a massive impact on managing SAP ECP change is in the areas of safety and compliance. Consistent and repeatable automated processes protect changes from being transported out of sequence, minimizing the risk to SAP systems. Meanwhile, the technology provides audit-ready documentation of all changes from the original request to go-live, guaranteeing compliance with stiff regulations.

Why Rev-Trac?

Whether you are migrating on-premise HR and payroll or have adopted ECP and you want to make SAP changes, Rev-Trac can help you overcome the challenges.

It’s built from the ground-up for SAP and combines many features and capabilities for safe and straight forward change for SAP ECP.

  • Locking System – allows users to manage and align changes across parallel environments to avoid conflict and sequencing errors
  • Overtake and Overwrite Protection System (OOPS) – detects and enables correction of conflicting and out of sequence transports even on parallel objects for total system safety and quality assurance
  • Enforcement – administers policy and non-rigid process enforcement of SAP changes from development through to deployment
  • Compliance and reduced audit-effort – Rev-Trac manages the sequence of transports and automatically generates a single audit trail of every change

For more information on how Rev-Trac can improve the performance of SAP systems, read our eBook on automated SAP ECP change or contact one of our change management experts.

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