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Why you should automate SAP change management?

Dan McGrann | August 29, 2019

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I recently read a Gartner article, “Create a Strategic Roadmap for Infrastructure and Operations Automation”. It included an excellent roadmap for organizations who are trying to justify internal IT automation projects.

The roadmap accurately shows how to move from today’s mainly manual “As Is” state of operations to a highly automated “To Be” future.

While Gartner doesn’t address automated SAP change management specifically, the benefits align very closely with what Rev-Trac customers can expect to achieve.

That is

  • quick responsiveness to customer and market demands
  • cost and efficiency
  • reliability
  • risk mitigation

Automation = SAP change management cost savings

In real estate, the age-old saying is that the value of a property is all about the “location, location, location”. For SAP change management, the cost savings can mainly be attributed to “automation, automation, automation”.

Businesses can realize significant cost reductions with automation. For example, automating the integration between an ITSM solution and SAP changes or automating the retrofitting between different SAP development systems.

Eliminating manual effort with dozens of other key SAP change automation tasks can result in massive savings in cost, time and resources.

Rev-Trac incorporates around 100 automation features to improve SAP application development. Check out our Rev-Trac Automation Features document for more details.

Build a business case

For modern businesses, automating SAP change management processes is essential for success.

Businesses who adopt automation can build and enhance SAP applications and services faster and more efficiently.

However, managing change effectively comes with a cost, regardless of whether your business invests in a new solution or maintains the status quo.

Getting funding for an automation solution relies on creating a compelling business case which demonstrates the value to the bottom line.

Over the years, we’ve helped many customers build a business case to justify an SAP change automation project with templates we have developed.

We recently simplified our pricing with the introduction of a subscription plan for Rev-Trac Platinum which offers greater flexibility and economic justification for investment.

For more information on building a business case for SAP change automation visit www.rev-trac.com, or request a call with one of our Rev-Trac experts.

Dan McGrann

Dan first joined the company in 2015 to grow Rev-Trac’s partner ecosystem and build relationships with like-minded organizations to creates strategic DevOps initiatives for SAP-using enterprises. Dan has an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing today’s SAP IT teams, particularly in SAP change management, cross-platform integration trends and DevOps best practices.
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