Chet Hodgins

Creating Agile Development Change Control Processes? Keep them simple!

Chet Hodgins | August 25, 2017

After many years analyzing customers’ change control processes we’ve learned that no two processes are ever the same.  However, I’ve noticed that when a company sets out to improve their change control processes, they tend to make them more complex than necessary. Particularly when attempting agile processes for the first time.

Balancing agile processes with control

As teams seek to improve, getting the balance right can be difficult. Implementing controls in an agile development scenario requires a balance between lean process and governance.

For example, let’s say you’ve just embarked on a change control automation project.  Having acquired and implemented the new software, it’s tempting to want to leverage every available feature and new control option. This may result in adding more into the process than needed.

While it is vital the process ensures good governance, it’s easy to go a little overboard. Implementing unnecessary workflow steps will create hurdles for your team that will work against your agile development goals.

The right formula

Rev-Trac consultants have been through this process time and again and there is no one formula or one size that fits all. Every SAP IT support team required its own unique processes and own unique outcomes.

The good news is, with the right SAP change control automation platform, e.g. Rev-Trac, all flavours can be catered for. This means, the consultants can guide you through the design of a change control process that will meet both management needs (governance) as well as your development and functional team needs (agile development).

Agile as it relates to change control in SAP means different things to different teams requiring unique approaches each time. Rev-Trac is especially suited to help you achieve your development goals with relative ease, no matter what your unique approach might be.

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