Chet Hodgins

Adapt Your SAP Change Control Process To Survive

Chet Hodgins | February 20, 2018

As many know, Revelation Software Concepts’ (RSC) focus is on developing world class change control automation software for SAP. Our flagship product, Rev-Trac is an ever-evolving automation platform to facilitate the simplification and transformation of managing SAP change. Regardless of an SAP IT team’s development or delivery method, Rev-Trac has evolved to ensure success.

Resist the status quo

Everyone – analysts, commentators, vendors and the IT community know that to meet increased SAP change volume and velocity delivery requirements, automation is a must. However, even though at RSC we (arguably) offer one of the most automated SAP change control platforms available, our main competitor is still the status quo. That is, the decision to stick with an old, out-dated (albeit familiar) change control process.


Well, everybody is comfortable with the familiar, and while the familiar may not be the best, it is still familiar! Even though manual internal processes are outdated and should be automated, SAP IT teams still resist. It’s nothing new, just human nature. SAP IT teams are snowed under, they are busy and definitely not looking for another perceived ‘project’.

Adapt and survive

Charles Darwin himself said: “It’s not the strongest of the species that survive, nor is it the most intelligent. It’s the one that is most adaptable to change”.

To achieve agile, DevOps or continuous delivery goals SAP IT teams have to be agile too. They need to adapt, they need to survive. We have been taking that philosophy to heart at RSC. As we move Rev-Trac towards it’s next generation we are fully aware that adaptation is not just a factor our customer’s SAP IT teams need to work with, but we need to too. Especially as we continue the on-going evolution of our SAP change control automation platform to ensure it continues to assist SAP IT teams in their adaptation process.

If you’re interested and motivated to make vast improvements to your processes (i.e. adapt) as you move your company towards DevOps and Agile methodology, please send us an email at [email protected] or visit our website at