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Ready to shift fully to SAP DevOps? Don’t delay!

We have noticed a clear shift within SAP-using organizations over the past few years. Their mindset is changing from a philosophy of “protect production at all costs” to “deliver changes to the business faster at all costs”.  SAP DevOps or agile methodologies are widely seen as means of achieving their objectives.  

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Secure software development: Why it’s important

Secure software development must be a priority today. In an era of cyberattacks that can impact everyone, from individuals to corporations and governments, the risks are everywhere. Applications, systems, and networks are constantly under attack from threats such as malicious code or denial of service.

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5 big steps to SAP agile development

We’ve all heard the arguments why agile won’t work in the SAP sector. Large teams are working on high-stake projects that can run for months, even years before the solution is delivered to production. At the same time, we’re talking about your organization’s systems of records, so it can be risky to deliver incomplete software to the production environment.

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SAP DevOps: Why automation is essential!

No doubt automation in change and transport management is a massive game-changer. Here at Rev-Trac, it’s been our focus since the very beginning. And, our customers have experienced the benefits and ROI associated with automating their change management processes for over 20 years.

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