Fiona Lorenzini

Fiona Lorenzini
Director of Marketing

Fiona Lorenzini is Director of Marketing for Revelation Software Concepts

She first joined the company in 2017 to oversee marketing activities – from strategy to execution – and help realize RSC’s vision for its multiple brands. Fiona has extensive experience in the software and technology industry in a variety of marketing roles, enabling her to build effective programs for individual RSC brands, expanding their reach into local and global markets.

A passion for staying attuned with current and emerging marketing platforms and quickly realizing the value new technologies bring to specific markets, is crucial to her success in increasing RSC’s brand awareness. Significantly, Fiona’s helping to bring the company founder’s vision to life and building a community of brands, partners and users to make a better world.

Outside RSC, Fiona enjoys taking her children on family adventures. She is passionate about cooking and has a love for boxing and organizing fundraising events for charity. Fiona holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Swinburne University.

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