David Drake

David Drake
CEO and Founder

David Drake is the CEO and Founder of Revelation Software Concepts

He founded RSC as a privately funded company to develop and support software that simplified the complex task of managing SAP changes and project developments. He was the original developer of RSC’s flagship product, Rev-Trac and the key concept designer of Salt (now Rev-Trac Insights). David oversaw the launch of the solutions which reflected his vision of highly automated software for SAP enterprise systems of any size.

David had extensive experience as a programmer and team leader prior to founding RSC. He has worked with SAP applications of all types since 1987 and developed a deep understanding of SAP change control requirements. His passion to make a difference led him to study market needs in relation to SAP change management software requirements.

He quickly realized as businesses came to depend increasingly on SAP-based solutions, the need for a tightly integrated change management technology would grow rapidly.

David is committed to leading an innovative software company that creates solutions to make a better world. His vision for RSC is to become a house of brands with like-minded companies, delivering technologies and solutions that have a positive impact on people, communities and society. ‘People Matter’ and this is the heart of RSC brands – Rev-Trac.

His passion to make a change is reflected in the organizations RSC supports and David’s aspirations beyond working hours.