Dave Gordon

Dave Gordon
Chief Information Officer

Dave Gordon is Chief Information Officer of Revelation Software Concepts

He joined the company in 2009 as the senior technology executive, rising to the role of CIO for the RSC brands. Dave oversees IT team management – including development, support and infrastructure – and engages with RSC’s brands for the provision of services and customer engagement upon business requirements.

Dave has more than 17 years of technology management experience in the consumer sphere. He has held roles in a diverse range of Blue Chip companies in Australia and abroad including banking & finance, retail utilities, oil & gas, manufacturing, construction and telecoms. Over time Dave has acquired a range of business skills that readily apply in his role as CIO. His high-level of understanding of IT service management ensures the smooth adoption of ITIL methods within companies he has worked.

Outside RSC Dave enjoys growing his own food to use in meals he cooks for his family. He also likes to run and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Napier University, Edinburgh.

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