Daniel Clark

Daniel Clark
Global Partner Manager

Daniel Clark is the Global Partner Manager for Revelation Software Concepts.

Daniel joined the company in 2021 as the Global Partner Manager to oversee Revelation Software Concepts’ partnership program. He is responsible for driving the growth of Rev-Trac and securing value-added technology solutions through strategic partnerships and agreements.

Daniel brings to the role a wealth of experience gained as an account manager for a leading software company in the work health and safety sector. His work in managing customer accounts and consistently delivering successful projects has given him the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure optimum service levels to partners and continuous growth of the account. He finds the complexity of our customer’s SAP systems and the challenges they must overcome when managing the systems fascinating.

Outside of RSC, Daniel enjoys exploring the outdoors with his young family and planning their next adventure or holiday. He is a passionate Australian Rules football fan, and his favourite team is the Sydney Swans, so it’s all eyes on the TV when they are playing.

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