Damien Markwell

Damien Markwell
Commercial Lead – Customer Success Team (CST) at Revelation Software Concepts

Damien Markwell is the Commercial Lead – Customer Success Team (CST) at Revelation Software Concepts

Damien first joined the company in 2004 as APAC Sales Manager before taking on the role of Commercial Lead, CST, in 2018. In his role, Damien helps organizations resolve issues and quickly realize business value from a Rev-Trac solution.

He brings to the position a wealth of industry and product knowledge gained from more than 25 years in sales and strategic account management. His extensive background at a managerial level has given him a ‘customer first’ attitude and a desire to see organizations experience continued success with their Rev-Trac solution. No longer directly in sales, as Commercial Lead, Damien gets involved in all aspects of the business related to customers and support for their ongoing success.

Outside of RSC, Damien likes to spend time with his family and enjoy the outdoors. He is a passionate runner who can be found gardening or indulging in another obsession, cooking, when not ‘pounding the pavement’.

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