Chris Carruthers

Chris Carruthers
Development Lead

Chris Carruthers is a Development Lead for Revelation Software Concepts

He first joined the company in 2007 as a junior Java Developer specializing in RSC’s change intelligence initiatives. Chris quickly expanded his knowledge to include SAP development and change management skills, and he helped to grow RSC’s non-ABAP capabilities and products into new areas.

Chris has a deep understanding of business needs, having worked closely with sales in both pre and post-sale customer support, providing valuable insights into product roadmap development. He has overseen the growth of the development team by a factor of four after a decade of innovation with RSC’s flagship product Rev-Trac.

Chris now leads development across RSC’s product portfolio, guiding and mentoring the company’s non-ABAP teams. In his role, Chris is responsible for ensuring quality software, as well developing and implementing future products.

Outside RSC, Chris is a craft beer aficionado and holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Software) from The University of Melbourne.