Archana Kumari

Archana Kumari
Application Support Consultant

Archana Kumari is an Application Support Consultant for Revelation Software Concepts

Archana joined the Rev-Trac team in 2022 to help customers get the best out of the software. As a member of the customer success team (CST), she assists businesses with assessing and solving issues that arise for a better experience with the software. Before joining Rev-Trac, Archana worked as an Environmental Admin, supporting the testing team and solving system problems. 

Wisdom crafted by Archana Kumari

Group discussing SAP Compliance

How a Flexible Workflow can Guarantee SAP Compliance

A flexible and automated SAP change workflow is a practical way to overcome complex and evolving standards and guarantee SAP compliance. By customizing and automating workflows, you can ensure all necessary steps happen, occur in the proper order, are documented, and are auditable.

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