Fast track to
SAP DevOps

Discover how Rev-Trac Platinum’s fully integrated, change control automation technology accelerates your company’s DevOps initiatives with our eBook, ‘Get on the fast track to SAP agile and DevOps’.

Automation + Integration = a foundation for DevOps success

DevOps transforms the way you deliver SAP applications and enhancements. Speed is at the heart of the new world and keeping pace can be frustrating. Traditionally, SAP change control has been a labour-intensive, and often error-prone process.

However, implementing an SAP DevOps strategy across your business doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Automation and integration of ready-to-use ALM tools and processes significantly increase the likelihood of DevOps success.

Rev-Trac Platinum – a powerful, flexible and fully integrated, change control automation platform – facilitates SAP DevOps, slashing operational costs. Our software integrates a wide range of ALM and change management tools critical for a single, unified approach enabling the delivery of faster, safer and better SAP applications.

  • Removal of organizational silos and introduction of cross-team collaboration
  • Automatically orchestrates end-to-end processes and ALM tool chaining
  • Increased production stability with the elimination of human data-handling errors