How much can you save with Rev‑Trac?

Automating your SAP change control processes significantly reduces operational costs and helps to maximize your SAP investment. Determine your potential yearly savings with Rev-Trac Platinum with our Savings Calculator:
  • Calculate annual costs based on a range of normalized metrics
  • Calculate cost reduction based on the degree of automation likely to assist given your combination of inputs

Results with Rev-Trac

Your estimated savings with Rev-Trac are calculated on normalized metrics applied to all companies across every sector.

For a more detailed assessment based on personalized metrics for your business fill out the form below and one of our SAP Change Control Automation Experts will get in touch.

Estimated Yearly Costs without Rev-Trac
Estimated Yearly Savings with Rev-Trac

Want more?

For a more accurate estimation, please get in touch with us via the form below. We will get in contact and determine the metrics we need to develop an accurate picture of your organization’s change control process to determine how much you can save with Rev-Trac. We will then provide you with an estimated cost reduction range available through the extensive automation RSC’s Rev-Trac SAP Change Management Automation Platform provides.


We calculate your estimated annual costs based on a range of normalised metrics. For example, personnel costs, average times to complete manual tasks, introduced delays, and management overhead.

We calculate your estimated cost reduction based on the degree of automation likely to assist depending on the combination of your inputs.

Eliminate error prone tasks, maximize ROI

Want to know more? Fill out the form on this page and we’ll get in touch to answer any questions you may have.


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Over the years untold hours of unscheduled system downtime have contributed to rising operational costs. Rev-Trac Platinum eliminates error prone manual tasks, slashing the risk of an SAP systems outage.

Our SAP change control automation platform accelerates the delivery of applications and enhancements while maintaining systems integrity.

  • More change, more frequently with less risk
  • Fully integrated, automation software reduces operational costs
  • Automated workflows and process enforcement ensure the lowest cost per change