Get on the fast track to sap agile and DevOps

Make the most of agile
development for SAP

Looking to adopt agile development practices for your SAP solutions but don’t know how to begin your journey? Or have you already gone agile and are trying to achieve your objectives? Discover how to introduce agile development with less risk and scale out to all SAP projects.
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Download, ‘5 steps to agile development for SAP’ and find out:
  • The benefits of agile development for SAP
  • How to build a business case to convince CFOs
  • Why it’s important to start small
  • How to fast track agile development for SAP
  • The impact on agile objectives of a ‘shift-left’ mindset

How to succeed and thrive
with SAP agile development

Can SAP application development ever be truly agile? There are those that still believe that agile can’t or doesn’t apply to SAP. Yet, evidence is growing to the contrary. SAP application development – despite the increasing size and complexity of SAP environments – can benefit from going agile.

Adopting agile development for SAP significantly increases the likelihood of a speedy response to constant shifts in business demands, helping organizations to remain relevant in today’s digital world.

A successful agile development for SAP strategy requires changes in technology, processes and culture. Eliminating manual optimizes the application development process without breaking production. Importantly, automating SAP change management processes increases the speed and volume at which applications can be delivered, minimizes risk and enables innovation.

Rev-Trac Platinum – a powerful and flexible SAP change management automation platform – cost-effectively accelerates agile development for SAP. The software includes the necessary toolsets to enhance SAP application development, eliminate unscheduled downtime and redeploy resources to innovate faster for competitive advantage.

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