How to use automation software to transform
SAP change management processes

For organizations in today’s digital economy, mastering SAP change management is critical to responding rapidly to ever changing business demands. Learn how Hanson – a building and construction materials company – cost-effectively delivered SAP change and avoided unscheduled downtime.
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Check out our case study, ‘Rev-Trac underpins Hanson’s SAP change management transformation’ and help you team:
  • Understand why automated SAP change management is important,
  • Discover how to cost-effectively manage change within a complex SAP environment,
  • Determine which automated SAP change management solution is best for the organization,
  • Find out how to use automated workflows and process enforcement to avoid systems outages, and
  • Confidently meet stringent compliance requirements with less audit effort and more consistent processes.

Automation + process enforcement – maximizes system uptime

Unscheduled downtime can end up costing businesses significant time and money. It’s not uncommon for countless man hours to be spent fixing the problem, severely limiting an organization’s ability to respond quickly to market demands.

Automation is increasingly seen as the solution to the money pit of unplanned systems downtime. Businesses who automate SAP change management processes can build and enhance SAP applications faster, better and safer and, at greatly reduced costs.

For Hanson, implementing Rev-Trac Platinum – an SAP change management automation software – was key to achieving better business outcomes and more efficient SAP application development.

With Rev-Trac Platinum, error-prone manual tasks are replaced with automated, repeatable processes, which helped Hanson to easily meet strict compliance regulations, increase volume and velocity of SAP change and prevent systems outages.

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