A new era for

A brand new era has dawned
To celebrate our Platinum anniversary, we have announced a bold new future for Rev-Trac’s market-leading change control automation software. Rev-Trac is now Rev-Trac Platinum and Salt is now Rev-Trac Insights.

  • A brand new era for Rev-Trac has dawned. Learn what changes are store, and how we can help you transform your SAP environment.
  • Follow Rev-Trac’s evolution and discover our parent company’s Revelation Software Concepts (RSC) purpose.
  • Check out our video to understand how, as customers you have played a role in our evolution.
  • New enhancements and capabilities to reinvent how you do business and accelerate your transformation.
  • Is agile development or DevOps on your agenda? Rev-Trac’s innovative, integrate change control platform lets you keep pace in the face of constant change.

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