ITSM Connector
for SAP Applications

Maximize Production system uptime and accelerate delivery of applications and updates

Create support tickets in your legacy ITSM systems directly from the SAP GUI.

Simplify ticket creation and incident management. Faster issue resolution.

Ticket creation and incident management are cumbersome and time consuming, whatever the size of your organization. Mismatched duplicate incidents, the reporting of false errors, poor quality of tickets and unnecessary manual work impede efforts to reduce issue resolution time and deliver SAP applications at the speed of business.

ITSM Connector for SAP Applications is a certified SAP add-on that integrates with popular ITSM solutions, including ServiceNow, Jira, ZenDesk and Micro Focus. With ITSM Connector, tickets are automatically populated with data from SAP systems where an issue is encountered. This allows developers to start immediately on a remedy, reducing interruptions to business. The result: 28% faster incident resolution times, 12% fewer incidents with Service Level Agreement breach, improved Production system stability, and reduced SAP support costs.

ITSM Connector:
The How!

Create tickets from the SAP GUI

SAP users can create tickets with a few clicks from the screen where they encounter an error

Automatic data collection

All relevant SAP details are attached to every incident, along with screenshots, authorization reports, job logs etc.

Automated categorization and routing

The support group or any other ticket field can be set to fixed constants or values based on the SAP system, module or transaction code

Easy management of duplicate incidents

The program notifies the SAP user about similar recently submitted tickets

Key user concept

You may only let your experienced SAP users create tickets in your ITSM tools

Integrated Knowledge Base search

Display relevant Knowledge Base articles in SAP GUI

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