Chemicals with
Rev-Trac Platinum

Cut costs, innovate and adhere to demanding regulatory requirements

The chemical industry is under
increasing pressure to transform

Mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances, more efficient processes, highly competitive market and greater production flexibility are accelerating change and globalisation in the chemical industry. At the same time, chemical companies are subject to strict compliance requirements, while driving down costs and streamlining operations. Now companies can automate change control processes to increase productivity, focus on innovation not just ‘keeping the lights on’ and easily meet the most stringent regulatory requirements.

Transform your SAP environment.
Accelerate transformation.

A digital transformation is crucial in the highly competitive chemicals sector. Rev-Trac Platinum automates slow, inefficient manual change processes, accelerating transformation at lower cost. SAP IT teams can switch focus from support to innovation, increasing productivity and generating new business streams for a competitive advantage. Introduce agile and DevOps capabilities into your SAP environment keep pace with constantly changing market conditions, customer expectations and compliance regulations.

Improve transparency to
meet tough regulations

Avoid compliance headaches with control change automation which documents each and every change. Now chemical companies can eliminate error-prone manual tasks and establish consistent automated change management processes to increase transparency across the lifecycle of SAP applications. Quickly realize the level of enforcement required to reduce threats to production system stability and deliver audit-ready documentation for legal regulations.

Modernize SAP solutions.
Slash chemical industry costs.

Gain control of your company’s SAP IT costs, meeting requests for applications and enhancements more economically than ever before. Your change control automation platform is up and running in no time at all with software that works out of the box. Replacing high-risk manual tasks with repeatable, automated processes enables better management of operation costs and frees up resources to drive innovation.

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Protect the health of
chemical SAP systems

Reduce the threat of systems outages with the elimination of risky manual SAP change management processes. With Rev-Trac Platinum, you can automate critical tasks and enforce pre-determined change control processes to keep SAP systems stable and maximize business value from your investment. Better understand and manage your SAP solutions to improve the quality of changes and prevent production incidents.

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