Secure SAP Change Management Integrations with REST APIs

Achieve continuous delivery of SAP change with quick and secure integration of ALM tools using REST APIs, saving time, effort and money.
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Are you an SAP-using organization looking to take advantage of the benefits of continuous delivery of change? The key to success is integrating ITSM solutions, code inspection technologies, testing tools and other similar applications.

Yet, integration does have inherent challenges which can threaten the stability and security of your IT environment. How you integrate solutions into your SAP change management process is crucial. It would help if you built your integrations on stable and secure technology foundations.

Relying on traditional Web services can expose your SAP systems too costly security vulnerabilities. There is another way – secure REST APIs.

This webinar provides valuable insight into how to integrate automated tools using secure REST APIs to deliver new apps faster and more frequently without breaking production.

Date: January 27, 2021, at 11 am US Eastern time.

Attend and learn

  • The role of REST APIs in the continuous delivery of SAP change
  • Why REST API integrations are more secure than Web-services integrations
  • The fundamentals of Rev-Trac’s secure REST API architecture and capabilities
  • How Rev-Trac’s REST API integrations help achieve continuous delivery objectives
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