Mastering SAP change management through automation

This webinar will help you understand how automation can eliminate change delivery limitations, accelerate the rate of change and free up resources for innovation.

Remove limitations and accelerate change delivery through automation

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Businesses are under pressure to deliver higher volumes of SAP change at faster rates with lower costs and fewer risks. They need to figure out how to master SAP change manage to survive in the digital age.

Some – less than 50% – are transforming their business and adopting agile or DevOps to increase the rate of SAP change. So, more than 50% need to investigate alternative methods to master SAP change management to remain competitive.

Relying on traditional, manual-intensive, SAP change management makes it difficult to deliver faster, better and safer SAP applications and enhancements. It also means there are less resources and time to focus on innovation which is crucial to the bottom line.

To truly manage and master SAP change management, organisations need to consider automating their change control practices and processes.

Attend and learn
  • Why mastering SAP change management matters
  • What the four main SAP change delivery limitations are
  • How to remove limitations and accelerate change delivery through automation
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