How to enable end-to-end change management in SAP systems

In this webinar discover how to enable end-to-end change management in SAP systems

SAP ALM automation technology is not new. Yet, very few businesses have adopted more than one solution, if any. Where it is deployed, the software is operated in silos, often by different teams, which limits successful outcomes.

However, SAP IT teams can use existing technology for end-to-end automation of change management processes. Rev-Trac Platinum – a leading SAP change management automation platform – bi-directionally integrates ALM solutions to accelerate application delivery.

Join our webinar for valuable insight into eliminating siloed SAP change management activities and using Rev-Trac Platinum to integrate automated tools into a unified DevOps toolchain.

Date: March 4 at 2:00pm EDT

Attend and learn:

  • Why operating ALM software in silos limits business outcomes
  • What organizations can do to integrate siloed automation solutions for improved business outcomes
  • Why use Rev-Trac platinum – an automated SAP change control platform – to create a fully integrated SAP DevOps solution

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